A control program for the ZyXEL U-1496 series MODEMs for use with the Linux operating system (and other UNIX-like systems). Now also supports the ZyXEL Elite 2864 series and the Omni TA 128.

This program manages the use of the ZyXEL MODEM for:

  • dial-in, for use by "uucp" and other programs started from a login
  • dial-in security (checking username and password)
  • dial-back security
  • dial-out, e.g. using "cu", "minicom", "uucp" or "seyon"
  • receiving FAXes
  • sending FAXes
  • polling for FAXes
  • handling incoming FAX polls
  • answering machine (voice mailbox)
  • Everything is done in a single program, to keep things simple and fast.
    Multi-program solutions are available from others. (e.g. modgetty, mgetty+sendfax, vbox)

    The current version is 2.0, it adds compatability with Linux ISDN cards, so the program can now be used without a ZyXEL modem.

    The following files are provided (make sure you select download-to-file in your browser, e.g. by pressing SHIFT while clicking):

  • ZyXEL-2.0.tar.gz
    Compiled program (for Linux/ELF), documentation and example configuration.
  • ZyXEL-2.0-source.tar.gz
    Source and compilation documentation. Not sufficient to get started! You need the ZyXEL-2.0.tar.gz file as well.
  • These files were last updated on Jul 26, 2001.