Miscellaneous software

Here you can download some small programs I wrote for my personal use. Some of them may be useful to others. When you have useful additions, you can always try mailing me a patch, but I won't guarantee the file on the site will be updated.

The following files are provided (make sure you select download-to-file in your browser, e.g. by pressing SHIFT while clicking):

  • co-channel.c
    Addition for SvxLink providing co-channel operation. With this program two or more transmitters can transmit audio synchronized to within a few microseconds. Use with Linux systems synchronized to PPS output of a GPS receiver.
  • datum9390.c
    Displays the status of a Datum 9390-52054 GPS Time Code and Frequency Generator, and provides current time for ntpd and monitoring info for nagios. Uses ncurses, can be run in (silent) daemon mode too.
  • elproxy.tar.gz
    An EchoLink proxy/relay server written in C. Suitable for installations running a large number of EchoLink proxies on a single machine (with multiple IPv4 addresses). Consumes much less resources than the original Java code.
  • eventsource.pl
    Daemon to relay SvxLink events to users for real-time signal level display.
  • gsm.c
    Implements the serial protocol of a Siemens M35i and possibly other GSM phones. Allows some simple commands, and can be used as a framework for a more complicated application. Uses ncurses.
  • nmea.c
    Simple NMEA decoder for GPS receivers. Uses ncurses.
  • r7100.c
    CI-V protocol implementation for the ICOM R-7100. Provides some advanced scanning capabilities. Uses ncurses.
  • sig11catcher.c
    Start a program and restart it when it exits with signal 11 (or 6).
  • sirf.c
    Decoder for the SiRF protocol used by u-Blox GPS receivers. Uses ncurses.
  • tait-cci.c
    Monitoring tool for Tait TB-8100 repeater. Reads variables every minute and puts them in a file suitable for monitoring using nagios (with the check_statusfile plugin). Also works as a pass-through for the Tait configuration tool running on another system.
  • gqrx-control.c
    Simple program to do remote control of GQRX in an OSCAR 100 station. Allows quick calibration of the LNB LO frequency and sets the transmit frequency on my FT-817.