Packet Radio software

I am maintaining a packet radio program based on the original NET program by KA9Q, with a lot of extensions. It is commonly known as NET-PE1CHL and is mainly used on network nodes and BBS/Cluster systems. However, it can be used by end-users as well.

Features of the software include:

  • AX.25, NET/ROM, TCP/IP, Pacsat protocols supported
  • directly drives SCC cards, KISS supported for backward compatability
  • SLIP, "packet driver" and NetBIOS support for local networks
  • X.25 network support
  • remote control, suitable for unattended node operation
  • emulation of G8BPQ hostmode on MSDOS platform
    (to run F6FBB BBS or DX Cluster on the same system)
  • MSDOS, Atari ST and Linux versions available
  • Very stable, can run for months without a reboot
  • The following files are provided (make sure you select download-to-file in your browser, e.g. by pressing SHIFT while clicking):

  • history.lzh
    Most recent changes to the software
  • MSDOS stuff
  • 980201ax.lzh
    MSDOS, AX.25-only version, 8086
  • 980201ip.lzh
    MSDOS, IP-only version (e.g. for ethernet use), 8086
  • 980201ut.lzh
    MSDOS, User version, 8086
  • 980201n2.lzh
    MSDOS, Unattended node version, 80286
  • 980201u2.lzh
    MSDOS, User version, 80286
  • 980919l3.lzh
    MSDOS, Node version with full userinterface, 80386
  • 980919n3.lzh
    MSDOS, Unattended node version, 80386
  • 980919u3.lzh
    MSDOS, User version, 80386
  • example.att
    Example display attributes for use with a color display and ANSI.SYS device driver.
  • g8bpq406.lzh
    G8BPQ emulator for 950326 or later, emulates BPQ 4.06
  • g8bpq408.lzh
    G8BPQ emulator for 950326 or later, emulates BPQ 4.08
  • Linux stuff
  • 041217.tgz
  • 130824.tgz
    Linux, full version, ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV),for GNU/Linux 2.2.5, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), needs and
  • 130824-pi.tgz
    Raspberry Pi, full version, ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.26, needs and
  • Atari ST stuff
  • 990808lt.lzh
    Atari ST, Large version with all protocols
  • 990808nt.lzh
    Atari ST, Unattended node version (limited user interface)
  • 990808ut.lzh
    Atari ST, User version without NET/ROM and satellite protocols
  • Sources
  • source.lzh
    Sources of latest version (041217) for MS-DOS, Linux, Atari ST.
  • Some documentation
  • extseq.lzh
    Extended sequence numbering option for AX.25
  • history.lzh
    Most recent changes to the software
  • his-subj.lzh
    Most recent changes to the software, sorted by subject, not uptodate
  • netdoc.lzh
    Alphabetic command overview
  • node.lzh
    Using NET on an unattended node
  • nodeinfo.lzh
    Node information multicasting
  • sat.lzh
    Using NET on packet satellites
  • scc.lzh
    The SCC driver ("attach scc" and associated commands)
  • structur.lzh
    Protocol layering structure
  • To unpack these .lzh files, use lha213.exe or another LHA or LHARC compatible archiver.